Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge a recruiting fee?

No, we do not charge a recruiting fee for hiring freelance developers or designers. If you choose to hire your freelancer(s) into your agency, we can discuss arrangements at that point.

Why should we work with you over other freelance networks?

Unlike most freelance marketplaces, you have one dedicated point of contact from end to end. We've fine tuned our entire process around the customer, providing a superior concierge experience.

Do you work with every company?

Yes, we work with virtually every company, whether it's a startup, a mid-sized business, agency, or an enterprise. Not every company will be qualified to hire from our network, and the team selects clients on an individual basis. We seek to establish long-term, reliable relationships that allow Agencyteam to offer competitive rates.

How do you screen your candidates?

Our network of freelancers is currently invite only. Top developers nominate their peers for selection, allowing us to proactively filter out poor candidates. Once candidates accept invititations, they submit resumes outlining their technical experience, conduct live interviews to assess personality and English communication skills, share sample projects for code reviews, and conduct coding exercises to test proficiency in their preferred tech stacks. This process ensures that you are always working with experienced senior developers in their stack.

Can a developer work with us on-site?

Since our entire network is comprised entirely of remote developers, you and the freelancer will need to make separate arrangements for travel, lodging, and visas.

Where are your developers located?

Our developers hail from over 30 countries in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Each developer is unique.

Interview and hire from a network of pre-vetted freelance developers.